Enugu Deanery 2023 Cathedraticum


The 2023 Cathedraticum in Enugu Diocese came to a climax today in Enugu Deanery.

The one month long Cathedraticum celebration that crisscrossed all six deaneries of the diocese came to a glorious conclusion today 30th March at Holy Ghost Cathedral, Enugu.

The Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Most Rev. Callistus Onaga as the chief shepherd of the diocese was on hand to lead the people through this celebratory thanksgiving expression.

According to his Lordship, Cathedraticum presents us with the opportunity to share with one another even amidst the difficult times.

His Lordship praised the faithful for their unflinching support and ability to come out en masse to support one another through the Cathedraticum.

Bishop Onaga further urged all to always stay humble, work in accordance to the will of God, and possess the consciousness that God’s time is the best.

“No matter what you do, if God disagrees on anything, you won’t attain it”, said His Lordship. He urged for humility and for people to pay closer attention to what God says.

“When we understand that God’s time is the best and he holds all the power to make things happen, we won’t be always running Helter Skelter in pursuit of things we do not and cannot control”, His Lordship admonished.

Indeed, it was a rendezvous of fascinating celebration as the gifts of thanksgiving and appreciation poured in from various parishes and catholic institutions led by their priests and administrators. This, according to the Bishop, is one of the most attended Cathedraticum in the diocese, and as such, it is evidence that points to the fact that the people’s faith has remained resolute even at this trying time in the country.


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