Catechetical Commission

This Commission is responsible for the training of Catechists, and organizes courses for them; it co-ordinates their affairs and looks into their problems. It also oversees allactivities in the area of Catechesis. In concrete terms, itdoes the followings:

i. Ensures the implementation of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults in the Diocese.

ii. Studies the best ways to approach and guide the teaching of Christian Doctrine in the present educational set up, with special reference to teaching religion in schools, homes and parishes.

iii. Establishes the CCD in all parishes and out-stations.

iv. Studies and implements modern catechetical techniques and integrate them into the catechetical procedures of the various stages of the catechumenate.

v. Studies the problem created by Scripture Union (S. U.) and allied societies and finds solutions to them.

vi. Organizes discussions with Catholic Parents and examine the roles of the Parent/Teachers Associations in the schools.

S/No. Members Portfolio
1 Fr. Michael I. Ngwu Chairperson
2 Mr. M. Onu Member
3 Dr. Marcel Ugwu Member
4 Nze Damian Chukwu Member
5 Mr. Anselm Okoye Member
6 Mr. Cletus Ndubisi Member
7 Mr. Charles Ibeyinwa Member
8 Mr. Matthew Egbo Member
9 Mr. Joseph Chivu Member
10 Mr. Louis Aniowo Member
11 Mrs Helen Ugwu Member
12 Mrs. Christiana Nwafor Member
13 Mrs. Mary Dorathy Agbo Member
14 President, Diocesan C.C.D. Member
15 Presidents, Deanery C.C.D. Member