Catholic Women Organization

Diocesan CWO Officers
Msgr. Anthony Okafor Chaplain
Lady Eunice Oguanya President 07035304851
Mrs. Felicia Ezeoha Vice President 08135781544
Mrs. Perpetua Nwigwe Secretary 08039556437
Mrs. Gladys Megwa Asst. Secretary
Mrs. Philomena Onyia Treasurer 08033590844
Mrs. Kate Uzoefuna Financial Secretary 08037845003
Mrs. Franca Eneh Publicity Secretary 07036601001
Mrs. Cecilia Egbo P.R.O. 08068207914
Mrs. Florence Nwankwo Director, Agbani 08036893518
Mrs. Theresa Anichebe Director, Aguobu Owa 08068628032
Mrs. Oge Chibuoke Director, Emene 08036733630
Mrs. Ogonna Ayalogu Director, Enugu 08034693675
Mrs. Celine Ugwu Director, Nkwo Nike 07066556763
Mrs. Felicia Ike Director, Udi 08030590504
Agbani Deanery CWO
Mrs. Florence Nwankwo Director. 08036893518
Mrs. Kate Nnaji Secretary
Mrs. Perpetua Nwigwe Treasurer
Mrs. Victoria Ogbuefi Fin. Sec
Aguobu Owa Deanery CWO
Mrs. Theresa Anichebe Director 08068628032
Mrs. Philo Aniagboso Secretary
Mrs. Ngozi Okonkwo Treasurer
Mrs. Ifeoma Okoli Fin. Sec
Emene Deanery CWO
Lolo Oge Chibuoke President 08036733630
Mrs. Chris Eloike Vice President 07039872710
Mrs. Cordelia Egwim Secretary 08167951062
Mrs. Coustance Odo Asst. Secretary 08039595042
Mrs. Felicia Nnamani Fin. Secretary 08134264165
Mrs. Stella Nnaji Treasurer 08039270316
Mrs. Clementina Egbuchu PRO 08032741877
Mrs. Louisa Ugwu Provost I 08130717838
Mrs. Eucharia Ogbodo Provost II 07030677777
Enugu Deanery CWO
Princess Ogonna Ayalogu Director 08034693675
Dr. Oby Ngwu Deputy Director 08037278186
Barr. May Okonkwo Secretary 07065413447
Mrs. Josephine Onyia Asst. Secretary 08062581246
Mrs. Nkechi Ani Treasurer 08036680475
Mrs. Nneka Onyia Fin. Sec 08068476254
Mrs. Amaka Onyekesi PRO 08033807642
Mrs. Patricia Edeh Provost 1 07030254436
Mrs. Ifenyinwa Udeh Provost 2 08063962395
Nkwo Nike Deanery CWO
Fr. Victor Eze Chaplain
Barr. Mrs. Celine Ugwu Director
Ezinne Juliana Akubue Deputy Director
Mrs. Juliana Akubuko Secretary I
Mrs Felicia Chinakwaeze Secretary II
Mrs. Kae Uzoefuna Financial Secretary
Mrs. Mabel Asogwa Treasurer
Mrs. Ngozi Nkwo P.R.O. I
Mrs. Elizabeth Onaga P.R.O. II
Mrs. Maria Nnaji Provost I
Mrs. Paticia Egbo Provost II
Mrs. Cecilia Belenu Provost III
Udi Deanery CWO
Mrs. Felicia Ike Director 08030590504
Mrs. Nkechi Ogwudile Secretary 08057182585
Mrs. Anthonia Odibe Treasurer 08033590844
Mrs. Philomina Onyia Fin. Sec 08033534954


Dear People of God,

In the wake of the suspension of public masses as a result of the Coronavirus crises, His Lordship Most Rev Callistus VC Onaga has undertaken to sponsor the live transmission of our key liturgical activities in some select electronic media channels to facilitate the participation of especially our lay faithful as they stay at home this period.

Below are the details of the programmes:

1. Thursday 9th April:

Chrism Mass: Time:10 am
Mass of the Lord’s Super. Time: 5-6 pm

2. Saturday 11th April:

Easter vigil Mass. Time: 9-10 pm

3. Sunday 12th April:

Easter Sunday Mass. Time 10- 11am

Except for the Chrism Mass which would be broadcast ONLY on Gouni Radio 106.9 FM , the rest of the Programmes would be broadcast live on the following channels:

1. Dream 92.5 FM

2. Radio Nigeria Coal City 92.9 FM

3. Gouni Radio 106.9 FM

In addition to these, there would also be live streaming of ALL the listed liturgical programmes via the official Facebook page of the Catholic Diocese of Enugu.

Please do avail yourselves of the opportunity to participate in our Easter Triduum liturgies via any of these channels.

Rev Fr Benjamin Achi
Director of Social Communications