Conflict Resolution Commission

The work of this Commission is to
i. Assess diocesan/religious priests and refer abnormalities to the Bishop or their Superior.

ii. Ensure reign of peace in the diocese by responding promptly to problems arising in any part of the diocese and thereby nipping conflicts in the bud.

iii. Arbitrate disputes in any part of the diocese, and submit recommendations, to forestall further occurrence, to the bishop where necessary

S/No. Name Portfolio
1 Msgr. Tobias Anichebe Chairperson
2 Msgr. Patrick Ugwu Member
3 Fr. Louis Ndulue Member
4 Fr. Ignatius Emefo Member
5 Fr. Sebastian Emekaekwue Member
6 Barr. Mrs. P. C. Egbuna Member
7 Mrs. Onwe Member
8 Chief Christopher Agu Member
9 Barr. Mrs. Celine Ugwu Member