Enugu Diocesan Legion of Mary Society

Enugu Deanery
Virgo Potens Senatus Officers
Fr. Ralph Anieke Spiritual Director 08035794424
Sr. Yoannes Maria Isiagu Asst. Spiritual Director (Animator) 08034952039
Bro. Ben Emeasoba President 08033181255
Bro Pius O. Ugwu Vice President 08033532355
Sis. Stella Ezeano Secretary 08035485344
Bro. Charles Ozioko Asst. Secretary 07031603268
Sis. Francisca Uwakwe Treasurer 08038308979
Our Lady Morning Star Comitium, Ngwo
Sis. Irene Ezeagu President 07032266665
Sis. Caroline Ozoude Vice President 07033085810
Bro. Polycarp Orji Secretary 08036695858
Sis. Fidelia Alor Treasurer 08034446979
Annunciation Comitium, Ogbete
Sis. Perpetua Onyeabor President 08036729848
Bro. Nichodemus Chukwu Vice President
Sis. Veronica Onyia Secretary
Bro. Sylvester Ugwu Treasurer
Queen of All Saints Comitium, Uwani
Bro. Charles Obiakor President 08063943597
Bro. Emmanuel Onyiba Vice President 07038723275
Bro. Hyacinth Mary Ejim Secretary 09039286246
Bro. Joseph Ojielo Asst. Secretary 07035808864
Sis. Gertrude Ugwoke Treasurer 08038993380
Virgo Clemens Comitium, Asata
Bro. Charles Ogwudile President 08068406345
Bro. Innocent nwachukwu Vice President 08039559527
Bro. Placidus Nwachi Secretary 08037785057
Sis. Catherine Ofora Asst. Secretary 08137751546
Sis. Felicia Monye Treasurer 08065647320
Agbani Deanery
Causes of our Joy Comitium
Sis. Veronica Mbakwe President 08063627724
Bro. Stephen Edeh Vice President
Bro. Linus Ogwu Secretary 08038992442
Bro. George Nnamani Treasuer 08035493127
Aguobu Owa Deanery
Rosa Mystica Comitium
Bro. Hyacinth Ozoilo President 08022730341
Sis. Franca Nwoye Vice President 08061152654
Bro. Cornelius Ejiofor Secretary 08069468514
Bro. Matthew Chielo Asst. Secretary 08132180910
Sis. Jacinta Ekwu Treasurer 08062959239
Emene Deanery
Mother of the Universe Comitium
Bro. Peter Ede O. President 08168806517
Bro. Peter Ede U. Vice President
Sis. Gladys Ebunoha Secretary
Sis. Modesta Nwobodo Asst. Secretary
Sis. Joy Ozoigbokwe Treasurer
Nkwo Nike Deanery
Mother of Divine Grace Comitium, Abakpa Nike
Bro. George Mary Egwu President 08037497334
Sis. Benedeth Ezeude Vice President 08037622629
Bro. Paschal Igwe Secretary 08038947490
Bro. Anthony Chukwu Asst. Secretary 07039686405
Sis. Bernadine Onwubualili Treasurer 08035508539
Queen of the Holy Rosary Comitium, Ugwuagor
Fr. Isaac Ogwu Spiritual Director 08034371106
Bro. Edmund Mary Iyi President 08068461183
Bro. Eloka Onaga Vice President 07033577353
Sis. Eucharia Onwuakpa Secretary 08038265370
Bro. Sylvanus Omeye Asst. Secretary 08066724551
Bro. John Mary Edeh Treasurer 08135172013


Dear People of God,

In the wake of the suspension of public masses as a result of the Coronavirus crises, His Lordship Most Rev Callistus VC Onaga has undertaken to sponsor the live transmission of our key liturgical activities in some select electronic media channels to facilitate the participation of especially our lay faithful as they stay at home this period.

Below are the details of the programmes:

1. Thursday 9th April:

Chrism Mass: Time:10 am
Mass of the Lord’s Super. Time: 5-6 pm

2. Saturday 11th April:

Easter vigil Mass. Time: 9-10 pm

3. Sunday 12th April:

Easter Sunday Mass. Time 10- 11am

Except for the Chrism Mass which would be broadcast ONLY on Gouni Radio 106.9 FM , the rest of the Programmes would be broadcast live on the following channels:

1. Dream 92.5 FM

2. Radio Nigeria Coal City 92.9 FM

3. Gouni Radio 106.9 FM

In addition to these, there would also be live streaming of ALL the listed liturgical programmes via the official Facebook page of the Catholic Diocese of Enugu.

Please do avail yourselves of the opportunity to participate in our Easter Triduum liturgies via any of these channels.

Rev Fr Benjamin Achi
Director of Social Communications