Land and Building Commission

The Commission shall:
i. Ensure proper documentations of all landed properties of the Church.

ii. Arrange to register landed properties yet to be registered by

iii. Ensuring that the property is surveyed

iv. Discussing with those concerned about the fees or purchase to pay the price required for the grant of Title over the land

v. Arranging for collection of title or registration of the title

vi. Pursue applications for landed allocations/acquisition and identify areas of need for more land.

vii. Ascertain proposed projects from diocesan authorities and see to their systematic executive in keeping with directives from the authorities.

viii. Use every possible legal means to protect church property and land.

ix. Suggest ways of raising fund for the realization of their objectives.

x. Draw up model plans for church building plans submitted to them.

xi. Accept, scrutinize and approve building plans submitted to them.

xii. Inspect and approve sites for building.

xiii. Supervise the construction of approved building projects.

xiv. Pursue the execution of all building projects to their logical conclusion.

S/No. Name Portfolio
1 Fr. Geoffrey Aguigwo Chairperson
2 Fr. Chinedu Akilo Secretary
3 Fr. Joseph Nnajiofor Member
4 The Deanery Deans Member
5 Engr. J. Anochie Member
6 Engr. I. Diyoke Member
7 Surv. E. E. Ezeanaka Member
8 Arc Lady Augusta Emenike Member
9 Arc. J. J. Emejulu Member
10 Barr. J. T. Mogboh Member
11 Barr. E. P. Egbuna Member
12 Igwe Julius Nnaji Member
13 Sir J. C. Ugwu Member
14 Chief Oliver Ugwu Member


Dear People of God,

In the wake of the suspension of public masses as a result of the Coronavirus crises, His Lordship Most Rev Callistus VC Onaga has undertaken to sponsor the live transmission of our key liturgical activities in some select electronic media channels to facilitate the participation of especially our lay faithful as they stay at home this period.

Below are the details of the programmes:

1. Thursday 9th April:

Chrism Mass: Time:10 am
Mass of the Lord’s Super. Time: 5-6 pm

2. Saturday 11th April:

Easter vigil Mass. Time: 9-10 pm

3. Sunday 12th April:

Easter Sunday Mass. Time 10- 11am

Except for the Chrism Mass which would be broadcast ONLY on Gouni Radio 106.9 FM , the rest of the Programmes would be broadcast live on the following channels:

1. Dream 92.5 FM

2. Radio Nigeria Coal City 92.9 FM

3. Gouni Radio 106.9 FM

In addition to these, there would also be live streaming of ALL the listed liturgical programmes via the official Facebook page of the Catholic Diocese of Enugu.

Please do avail yourselves of the opportunity to participate in our Easter Triduum liturgies via any of these channels.

Rev Fr Benjamin Achi
Director of Social Communications