Other Priests in the Diocese

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Anih, Humphrey 08143996180 Enugu Lecturer/Formator
EAriji, Simon 08068481457 Nsukka bobrejis4@yahoo.co.uk
Asogwa, Osita 08063587142 Nsukka Lecturer/Formator
Chukwu, Gabriel 07084539100 Abakaliki Lecturer/Formator
Emebo, Blaise 07038490084 Awka Lecturer/Formator blaiseemebo@yahoo.de
Ezeh, Anthony 08153162424 Nsukka Lecturer/Formator anthonyeze@hotmail.com
Ibudialo, Remigius 07035206355 Enugu Administrative Dean gentleremy@yahoo.com
gboanugo, Francis 07034735998 Onitsha Lecturer/Formator igboanugo63@yahoo.co.uk
Ikpenwa, Albert 08101372747 Awgu Rector aikpenwa@yahoo.com
Mba, Hyginus 08036926294 Enugu Spiritual Director frhyginusm@yahoo.com
Nnoruka, Sylvanus 08034388964 Onitsha Onitsha
Obiwulu, Aloysius 08033932492 Nnewi Dean of Philosophy acobiwulu@yahoo.com
Ogudo, Donatus 08060215595 Nsukka Liturgist donemekaog@yahoo.com
Okeke, Basil 08132567485 Enugu Lecturer/Formator
Oko, Ohajuobodo Ignatius 08160213569 Awgu Lecturer/Formator ohajuoko@hotmail.com
Okoye, Cyprian Chika 07031011759 Enugu Financial Administrator II ochika74@yahoo.com
Okoye, JohnBosco 08033578208 Onitsha Spiritual Director
Okpalike, Cyriacus 08046115467 Awka In Residence
Ossai, Melitus 07039222294 Nsukka Lecturer/Formator okwudiliossai@yahoo.com
Udechukwu, Damian 08174222525 Enugu Lecturer/Formator
Ukwuaba, Vitalis 09039649969 Nsukka Spiritual Director vitalisukwuaba@yahoo.com
Umezinwa, Cletus 08037116295 Awka Lecturer/Formator
Okeke, Anthony 08059574323 Awgu No. 3 Ikwuato Uwani / Holy Trinity Parish, Independece Layout
Oforji, Peter Onitsha Studies in UNEC, Residence: St. Mary’s Parish, Uwani.
Ogara, Ike 08060621665 Nsukka Supervisor, Special Duties, P.P.S.M.B Enugu
Ugorji Chrysantus08037426944 Orlu A Student-priest at UNEC,Residence: Queen of Peace Parish, Ndoromiri


Dear People of God,

In the wake of the suspension of public masses as a result of the Coronavirus crises, His Lordship Most Rev Callistus VC Onaga has undertaken to sponsor the live transmission of our key liturgical activities in some select electronic media channels to facilitate the participation of especially our lay faithful as they stay at home this period.

Below are the details of the programmes:

1. Thursday 9th April:

Chrism Mass: Time:10 am
Mass of the Lord’s Super. Time: 5-6 pm

2. Saturday 11th April:

Easter vigil Mass. Time: 9-10 pm

3. Sunday 12th April:

Easter Sunday Mass. Time 10- 11am

Except for the Chrism Mass which would be broadcast ONLY on Gouni Radio 106.9 FM , the rest of the Programmes would be broadcast live on the following channels:

1. Dream 92.5 FM

2. Radio Nigeria Coal City 92.9 FM

3. Gouni Radio 106.9 FM

In addition to these, there would also be live streaming of ALL the listed liturgical programmes via the official Facebook page of the Catholic Diocese of Enugu.

Please do avail yourselves of the opportunity to participate in our Easter Triduum liturgies via any of these channels.

Rev Fr Benjamin Achi
Director of Social Communications