Pontifical Mission Works Commission

The Commission shall:
i. Study and propagate the four arms of the Pontifical Mission Works Societies, namely:
• Society for the Propagation of Faith
• Society of St. Peter the Apostle
• Society for the Missionary Childhood
• Pontifical Missionary Union of the Clergy and Religious

ii. Organize parishes for effective mobilization of fund on behalf of the different societies for the pontiff.

iii. Seek effective ways of promoting works and projects of the Society of the Holy Childhood.

iv. Promote and foster the ability of the Church to give children a sense of direction in their faith-life by:
• Arranging for seminars and crusades for children on parish and diocesan levels
• Ensuring that yearly retreats are organized for children at parish and diocesan levels
• Developing avenues through which children can have and develop a sense of belonging in the Church
• Developing avenues for enhancing God-given talents in children

v. Acquaint themselves with directives of the Pontifical Mission Works on children and seek to realize them in the concrete situation of our diocese.

vi. Propose through the Diocesan Project Director, projects for the welfare of children and the Propagation of Faith.

S/No. Name Portfolio
1 Fr. Chukwuma Innocent Nnajike Chairperson
2 Fr. Dominic Alua PMU Co-ordinator
3 Sr. Mary Elizabeth Obiakor, DDL HLA Co-ordinator
4 Lady Philomena Onyia Member
5 Sr. Mary Okoko Member
6 Ms. Nnedimma Obieze Member
7 Mr. Cornelius Onyia Member
8 Mr. Kosisochukwu Onwuha Member