Youth Commission

The Commission shall:
i. Organize, co-ordinate and train the various branches of youth organization

ii. Survey ways of providing religious instructions to youths and students

iii. Organize Mass and Confession at intervals for students in colleges

iv. Prepare students and youths for various forms of adult lay apostolate

v. Provide social recreational activities for the youth

vi. Ensure active participation of the youth in diocesan and Church activities

vii. Challenge the youth to provide adequate security in our Churches.

S/No. Name Portfolio
1 Fr. Henry Uwabunkeonye Chairperson
2 Fr. Gregory Eze Member
3 Sr. Beatrice Ilonuba Member
4 President, C.Y.W.O. Member
5 President, C.Y.O.N. Member
6 President, Y.C.S Member
7 President, C.Y.M.O Member
8 President, N.F.C.S. Member
9 Deanery & Zonal Chaplains of Youth Organisations Member